Shimmer Archive

Welcome the new archive for the old webcomic, Shimmer. Though this comic hasn’t been in development for many years, I wanted to save the (old) art, commentary and site at this location.

In transferring this comic, some of the pages got strangely out of order. So if you are reading through this, and see anything funny, drop a comment and I’ll fix it. Thanks!


Shimmer Webcomic

Back in 2004, I started working on my first solo attempt at a full-color webcomic called Shimmer. I posted a page a week while still maintaining a second comic in joint-effort with Syn at Wayrift.

This was mostly an experimental work. I played with style, color, design and layout quite a bit. It was originally posted at a comic hosting site know back then as Drunk Duck. Eventually, I moved it to my own WordPress site, so all of the original comments from the other host were lost. 😦

In 2010, I decided I wanted to rework some of the older pages, but I only got as far as Chapter 5 before other RL obligations butted in. Eventually, I knew that I was probably not going to keep working on Shimmer in comic form anymore. However, I began to transition the comic into a piece of webfiction in 2014 called Shadows of Zot.

However, I’ve kept all of the original author notes and comments from the Shimmer site in tact since then.

Shimmer Ch21 Pg11

It only took Ben 7 years to break out of Zot!

Welcome to Shimmer’s 7th Birthday! Yes, I know it was exactly one year ago today that I posted the last new piece of art. And yes, it’s sad that in all this time I only had one more page to go before finishing Chapter 21. But, hey, it’s here!

Thank you to every one who’s stuck with Shimmer even through the down times and revamps. Though this is where this comic project ends, I am re-creating Shimmer as an updated comic called Shadows of Zot!

Shimmer Ch21 Pg10

Welcome to Shimmer’s Sixth Birthday! I figured it was a good day to post a new page.


Shimmer Ch21 Pg9

No promises on immediate future updates, but just proof that I haven’t forgotten about Shimmer!

Shimmer Ch21 Pg5

Underestimate them much? I mean, these kids are getting lessons from Kip. What do you think?