Shimmer Ch14 Pg1

For those who asked where’s Sapling, well, here’s a short piece with her and Hinge! After everything that happened to the boys, paranoid Kip took them to the Healer’s Quarters for a checkup!


8 thoughts on “Shimmer Ch14 Pg1

  1. The panic is over; for some reason I can’t see this on DD D:
    Y’know, I really think you should rename this… TEH CUTENESS! *doubleglomps Ben, Aur, Sapling and Aur’s thermometer*
    …Yep, another early morning post ^^;

    Graham crackers? SMORES! XD


  2. Know what would make this cuter? Give the thermometer a face like Alert’s .. hehe ..
    Know what happens if the temperature is too high?
    Alertalarm! Wheeeeet! Wheeeeet! Wee-oooo weee-ooo weeeeeeee!


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