Shimmer Ch18 Pg1

By the end of this chapter, I want you to tell me exactly who is the real traitor…


8 thoughts on “Shimmer Ch18 Pg1

  1. uhh, THAT’S a shaddow! Spikey 😉

    His scythe looks so small and how did he manage to hide his other leg even in the shaddow?


  2. doesn’t his marked form normaly has wings? I think here it fits better without, but it confused me first. Is that because of the “toned down” marked form he got to blend in better on Runne?


  3. Tsu has a miniscythe? ^^
    …I’m going to refrain from making the obvious joke, because I like to refrain from pain. I’ll just sit here and laugh instead ^^;

    Hah, that is one awesome shadow, though 😀


  4. Khatz: His pose is a tad wonky… but nothing I tried to do with the other foot came out looking right either. 😀

    Tsu’s Marked form CAN have wings. But it doesn’t have to. When he’s fighting fast and furious, he’ll often choose to leave them out just for the speed. But when he needs them, they are there. He can also choose to use wings without taking a fully Marked form. So it’s somewhat flexible.

    Ven: It’s a practice scythe. Right now, he’s just working through his forms… Tsu is fastidious when it comes to practicing every day. But you don’t think he’d pull out DuLlafn for just sparring and practicing runs, do you? XD


  5. I love the blue shine on the scythe, I think it makes him look alittle eerie, but that might just be me ^.^;;. And Im lovin the shadow too ^_^

    For some odd reason, I really like the design on his shoes…


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