Shimmer Ch20 Pg1

Looks like someone got all dressed up for the New Year! Hope you have a great one!


7 thoughts on “Shimmer Ch20 Pg1

  1. Valice is pretty!
    She looks a lot like Elizabeth, but with blue eyes and slightly darker hair.

    I’m glad to be seeing more of Valice. My own Valvalice (whom I recently discovered is alive) is glad to see more of her.


  2. I found out quickly that I’m am very out of practice drawing Valice. I’m glad you think she’s pretty despite that. I’ll be working on getting her design consistent throughout the lineart in this chapter.


  3. my only question is “What is she doing with what’s in the bottle?” (and does she know what happens when you get a Lunarian drunk?) okay so that was two questions and i agree that she looks gorgeous in that dress where can i buy one? (make that three)


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