Shimmer Ch3 Pg1

Say hello to TsuMeTai — one of the Generals in Zot. Most of those who follow my other works have already figured out who he once was and how he fits into the overall storyline of things. But even if you don’t, hopefully a darker character will help round out the current cast a bit.

Here, he’s sharpening his weapon of choice — a scythe — which just happens to be one of my more favorite types of weapons to design. The scythe he has is steeped in a lot of history, as is TsuMe himself, most of which I won’t get into here, since this is only an introduction and I think TsuMe can speak for himself.

Redrawn: 1-17-2011
Original Art Here


12 thoughts on “Shimmer Ch3 Pg1

  1. Tsu—-Me—Tai—- ❤

    I like this more than the original. He looks more shadowy and, pardon the term, angsty. Except, you know, he's angsty in a good way, not angsty in a Cloud Strife way.


  2. A fatal choice he has been paying for many, many lifetimes over.
    Also, I now have an image of Zemus sitting at a coffee table, relaxing and reading over his plans for world domination. Lounge indeed 😀 The backgrounds are working out very well, too.


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