Shimmer Ch4 Pg1

Welcome to the beginning of Chapter 4! We’re going back to check in on Ben and Aur now, and see some more character interaction unfolding — in some rather nasty ways.

Redrawn: 4-9-2011
Original Art Here


10 thoughts on “Shimmer Ch4 Pg1

  1. Niiice textures on the tower! Much more dramatic now, with the lighting and clouds and everything. I like.
    (But… are those stars or sparklies? I hate to nit-pick since you’ve done such a lovely job, but there’s one shining *through* the moon…….)


    • Thank you! I’m still not 100% happy with this page, but decided to just let it go.

      They are supposed to be stars — fixed the one playing peek-a-boo there. Thanks for pointing it out! XD


  2. I love the moons the most out of the entire compostion on the page, Aywren.

    Oh, and I meant to thank you for your advice on my blog ~ no more wall of text for me!


  3. Looks rather ominous, but impressive. I like it.

    One minor critique: in the last speech bubble, I think it should be “led,” not “lead.”


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