Shimmer Ch5 Pg1

I decided that now that we’ve got Ben and Aur’s situation in Zot developed, it’s time to do a little learning about who Ben is and where he came from. We’ll also be seeing what Kip and TsuMe are up to shortly, so for those of you waiting to see our resident evils, they’re just around the corner.

Redrawn: 9-19-2011
Original Art Here


11 thoughts on “Shimmer Ch5 Pg1

  1. *laughs softly*’A lot to learn about the ways of magic and the people of the Moon’? You’re not alone there, Aurling. Not by any means.


  2. Um, this page isn’t showing as a revamp for me right now. It’s completely identical to the original art. (I think I saw this when it first came out, and I believe it was fine then.)


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