Shimmer Ch7 Pg1

Alright! On to the most current chapter, where things start to step up a little bit. Though we start back out with the boys, be assured that there will be a little of all the characters showing up in this one.. including one new character as well.

This is a chapter I’ve long been waiting to get to posting. Now that a lot of background has been filled in, I think it’s time to start moving the characters forward. Not that I haven’t before, but it just seemed quite slow and ponderous. Not to mention, there hasn’t been much room for quirky humor. And that always bugs me.

Slight change in art here, too. I started using pen on this page, though it isn’t until page 4 that I really get the pen-thing working out for me.

So here we go — Chapter 7 begins.


3 thoughts on “Shimmer Ch7 Pg1

  1. reading this makes me tremble its sooo good! i cant wait long enough for the next page to load! and im reading where its up to chapter 19!


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