Shimmer-Before Shimmer

Another poem, of course, this one for Shimmer-before Shimmer.

Before you read on

we think we should warn you

that this probably isn’t

what it appears.

It might be of course

because nothing is certain

but if you were dreaming

this was a beginning-

or even a prologue

then you were mistaken

because this was woven

a long time ago.

It might have begun

in the snows of the mountains

where two weary children

found dragonfire’s warmth

or it might have begun

not quite so far off

as a ship of the skies

swooped down to the still lands

or it might have begun

with the planets still cooling

and powers unnamed

moving swift past the stars.

It might have begun

any number of places

but we’ve got to tell you-

that’s just an illusion

the truth is, you see

there are no beginnings-

equally no ends.

So if you were thinking

to pity the captured

the doomed and the damned

don’t start crying yet

because even when bodies

are long-worn to dust

the soul is still shining

and every story’s

not prologue or sequel

but the big main event!

All of the fireworks

are here and now always

there’s no other place.

So we would request

that you do not assume

it will all end in tears

and blackness and darkness

for there’s breath in our bodies

and light on the mountains

our souls are still shining

and we are still here.